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A good copywriter friend will help you proofread and assess your copy.


Recently I undertook a routine social media consultancy session with a start-up client, which took an unexpected turn.

It started out as usual: I had researched the business and had plenty of recommendations for Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin strategy to promote and build an audience.¬†Things changed when we looked at the website, which I always think should be the basis of the key messages. Using social media isn’t difficult but in order to make your posts count, it’s important to distil what you want to say. Your website should be the repository containing the fully-explained versions of these messages. In this case, nowhere on the front page were any of the key words associated with the services offered. I asked my client to look at the website with fresh eyes – what does this business do? What is it offering to a potential client? Yes, it was clearly outlining the benefits of her area of expertise but it didn’t clearly define the offering.

It struck me then that the benefits of a second opinion shouldn’t be underestimated. Even if you don’t intend to ask a professional copywriter to produce your website copy, sometimes it’s a good idea to ask one to review what you’ve produced, maybe even proofread before publishing.

The lesson for me was plain: expect to deploy all my expertise when working with clients. No marketing approach can be considered in isolation as it’s all part of the package.

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