Website content for DART charity

My brief was to find a new, more exciting tone of voice for the website content of the redesigned DART site. The intention was to appeal to a younger demographic, but also to existing clients and carers. I tried to inject more energy and enthusiasm into the copy, by my choice of language. I used active verbs and inclusive terms that are warm and welcoming.

In addition, there was a need to be reassuring about the charities proDART Disabled afloat riverboat trust logo - website contentvision for a group with specific needs. And finally, my instructions were to ensure that visitors to the website are guided through decision-making to the booking process by appropriate calls to action.

Trustee Rebecca Bruce said, “I do think the site looks brilliant – all very exciting.”

DART (The Disabled Afloat Riverboats Trust) provides canal boat holidays for the disabled, their carers, families and friends.

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