Sudeley Castle

I provided public relations and marketing support for Sudeley Castle over a three year period. This included writing marketing materials for print and digital publication. I was also responsible for the social media marketing, using Facebook, Twitter, G+ and HistoryPoint to showcase the beautiful, historic castle and gardens. There was an additional responsibility for marketing the Sudeley Castle holiday cottages and for entering (and winning) awards. Sudeley Castle is the most complete, fairy-tale wedding venue and the dream of many a bride. Really it sells itself, but I am proud to have played a small part!

This work was done under the auspices of their PR and marketing agency at the time. As a copywriter, it was an invaluable introduction to the hospitality, tourism and weddings sectors. I have profited from this learning experience, going on to write regular blogs and website copy for some of the most prestigious wedding venues in the Cotswolds. Wedding blogging has become one of my favourite projects and I’m always open to invitations to do more.

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