HR article for Oilfinity’s blog

Oilfinity is a sector-specific human resources (HR) company, providing recruitment services to the oil and gas industries. They commissioned me to write a thoroughly-researched HR article for their blog, on the topic of Tips for Surviving Redundancy During the Oil Crisis.

The purpose of the article was to provide a useful and informative resource for users and potential users of the Oilfinity website. It was important to use an engaging tone of voice in a suitable register, so that the content is easily read and understood. The article served to demonstrate the authority and position of expertise of the client. It also helps with SEO (search engine optimisation).

This commission was particularly enjoyable, as it allowed me to demonstrate that I can write convincingly on a topic and in a sector that I might not be considered expert in. Although I have practical experience of HR and have had previous clients in the energy sector, it was a challenge to combine the two in an authoritative piece. I was therefore particularly pleased to receive a 5-star review from my client:

“Sue was very professional and produced a thorough and well-researched article in a very short space of time. Would definitely recommend her to anybody looking for high quality articles.”

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