Digital content for Charlton Medical Services

Mike Crisp, GP approached me to create digital content for his new private GP practice, Charlton Medical Services. My brief was to capture the unique nature of the practice, which has several factors differentiating it from anything similar in the area. The project involved working closely with the client and the website developer. I was able to advise on essential content and guide the shaping of the website itself.

The project involved using my skills in research. I analysed similar websites to inform my choice of terminology. I made the CMS offering distinct from others by emphasising the skills and specialisms of the staff. Other key factors to be mentioned were the setting and level of service. In addition, it was important to explain the nature of private medicine and how it works for the patient. This leads to prospective clients feel informed and empowered to make decisions.

As part of the digital content creation, I am writing blogs that form part of the website. The blogs help to inform patients about the services of the practice; position the GPs as experts and help to keep the digital content fresh and interesting. There is also a search engine optimisation (SEO) advantage in providing richly varied but relevant Charlton medical services logo digital contentterms.


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