From Tweeting to Chirping – and Copywriting


One of the joys of being freelance is the sheer variety.

I regularly meet people whose businesses inspire me. I could never do what many of them do, but I’m able to work alongside them, to offer advice on marketing and social media or to provide copywriting services. In the process, I learn so much about topics as diverse as facial massages, Turkish tree houses and Kenyan tapas bars – and that was just this morning!

Once in a while an opportunity arises to form a longer term relationship with clients. Today I’m delighted to announce that I’m now working with copywriting specialists Cheeky Sparrow – Sophie, Leigh and a talented flock of colleagues.

Cheeky Sparrow logo
Cheeky Sparrow Copywriting

New connections means new challenges. So far, I’ve written website copy for three Cheeky Sparrow clients, including the aforementioned Kenyan tapas bar. Luckily I’ve had previous experience of researching and writing for a diverse range of clients, specialising in business to consumer copy. It’s amazing how those little gems of information, stored somewhere among the little grey cells, can emerge just at the moment you need them!

I’m also learning new skills such as their project management software, which keeps everything ticketyboo in the Cheeky Sparrow nest. Cheeky Sparrow have covered most of the bird-related vocabulary and I won’t try to compete, but if you think they’ve missed any on their website, feel free to ruffle their feathers by chirping – or tweeting – to them @CheekySparrows!

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